Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Five Most Common Stains and Their Treatment

A lot of times we come across stain that we do not know how to remove and that can really annoy us. Here are the five most common stains and the ways of removing them with household products:

  • Red wine stains – just sprinkle some salt over them. Cleaners Dollis Hill say it absorbs the liquid and will suck most of the wine in it. The pour a little white wine over it and wait for 15 minutes. Dab with warm water.
  • Grass stains – make a mixture of wine vinegar and warm water. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil and rub it in the stain. Then soak the stain in the solution. And rinse it off with clean water. Then launder as usual.
  • Ink stains – you should act fast. Soak the stain in some rubbing alcohol as soon as possible. Then launder as usual. You will probably need to repeat this process several times.
  • Blood stains – all you need is salt. It will soak up the fluids and break down the proteins in the blood. Also never use warm or hot water for blood because it will set the stain in permanently. Rinse only with cold water.
  • Grease stains – according to cleanersDollis Hill, the best way to remove oils is to mop them up. Use cornstarch or salt and paper towels. When you have removed as much as you can, use some concentrated orange cleaner to remove the last signs of grease.
Make sure that you try every solution you use on a small inconspicuous are so that you prevent discolouring or damaging the fibre. Another thing you should know is that every solution needs time to work, so be patient.   


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