Thursday, December 22, 2011

How ton Clean Your Canvas Hammock

One of the most pleasant and in the same tome really simple things is to just lay and be lazy. That can be even more enjoyable if you have a hammock in your yard. However, such items can not be constantly used without a proper and regular maintenance.

Considering that cleaners Hoxton provide the following tips on how to clean the most common type of hammock-the ones made of canvas material:
Your first and basic step you should gain as a habit is to prepare all of your “tools” you will need during the cleaning process. Otherwise you will loose a lot of valuable time just to find each thing in the exact moment you need it. In this case you will work with a bucket, garden hose, nylon scrub brush laundry detergent and an ordinary white vinegar. After having everything on hand you may start the actual treatment.
To begin lay the hammock flat on the relatively clean ground or better on a big clean towel.
Next, swill it with your hose, flip over and repeat the same with the other side. Let it to air dry afterwards. According to cleaners Hoxton you should gain the habit to do this regularly in order to remove loose buildup.
Combine 1 gallon water in a bucket with 2 tsp. laundry detergent and 1 cup white vinegar. That solution will detergent clean, disinfects and breaks up mildew growth in a perfect way.
Submerge a nylon scrub brush into the mixture and scrub it over the hammock. When you are finished with the first side , flip the hammock over and work on the other side. After that just rinse the entire hammock and leave it to naturally air dry.


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