Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Restore a Vintage Leather Luggage

Vintage leather luggage is a great option for a suitcase. It is very current, stylish and luxurious looking. However, despite its positive qualities it have one basic disadvantage- such luggage require a specific, extremely careful and regular maintenance. Otherwise, it will fade really quickly. Considering the fact that such item is outdated, you face with a serious problem when you have to clean it. The smallest mistake can cause a huge damages.

Considering that cleaners Heath Park provide the following tips on how to restore your vintage leather luggage experience:
As a beginning vacuum its entire interior, working with your hose attachment. By doing that you will remove most of the dust and grime that has been accumulating on its surface over the time.
To get rid of the dust and other residue from the exterior, just take a clean, damp cloth and go over the vintage item surface with it.
Immerse a small part of the cloth into leather cleaner and test it on a small corner of the luggage. Cleaners Heathrow hamletexplain that it is really important to always test your cleaner on a slight part of the leather in order to ensure that you will not damage the color of the material.
Then buff the leather clean. Treat its surface step by step, on a small section working in a circular motion.
After that just swill out the cloth with water , wring it dry and wipe off any leftover residue from the exterior surface.
As a final effort just dry the luggage completely, working with a soft towel.


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