Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Take Care of a Brown Leather Coat

 Brown leather jackets are very stylish and extremely current. However, it the leather material is really delicate and can be ruined even from an ordinary spill if not treated on the moment. Having in mind that, most of the people spend thousands of pounds just to get their brown leather items cleaned. The truth is that you can easily fulfill an effective cleaning by yourself, without spending great amount of money. You just have to carefully read the jacket's label in order to be aware what area the cleaning compounds you can use and the ones you shouldn't.

In order to make the whole procedure even easier cleaners Hayes provide the following tips on how to clean a brown leather jacket:
Wet a soft cloth with lukewarm water and rub it against saddle soap until it forms lather. You can find that type of soap at any leather store or tack shop.
Work in a circular motion. Be extremely gentle in order not to drip soapy water on the coat's liner. Use small cotton swabs to clean the difficult areas.
Then take a soft, clean cloth and dry the leather with it. You have to lift up all traces of the soap. CleanersHaveringatteBower advise you to always double check to make sure that the jacket is completely dry.
After that apply a leather conditioner to restore the life of the jacket.
To finish just treat the leather with a leather protector. That will make the water-based stains removal easier and also will prevent the water spots from forming on leather when you wear the jacket in the rain.


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