Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Take Care of Kitchen Sponges

Cleaning the kitchen sponges is very important because they are the best environment for germs spreading. If you know how many germs there are, you for sure will understand what is the importance of cleaning them regularly and with special attention. Here is how and why to do this.

Do you know that the kitchen sponges are the best environment for germs multiplying? May be because of the food particles collected there and the appropriate temperature, the germs easily reproduct there. You probably clean them with soap and water, but cleaners Canning Town said it's not effective in killing bacteria at all. There are so many germs, even more than in the bathroom! That's why you need to clean the sponges in the name of your health and your family.

Here are the two best ways how to clean the kitchen sponges properly. First is by rinsing them with clean water and putting them in the microwave oven for several minutes at the highest setting. Stay there and watch this process, take the sponges out before they are fully dried, because they can catch fire in other case. When cool out, the sponges are extra clean and ready for use.

The other way is by dish-washing the kitchen sponges. It means you need to put them in a complete cycle, but in a large utensil to secure them.

Cleaners Canning Town also recommend to clean your kitchen sponges depending on how often you use them, to remove the food particles left in them, to dry them always after use and to clean them one by one. 


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