Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nightlife in Acton – true or false?

When talking about London nightlife, first area coming to your mind is probably Soho, with its bars, clubs and restaurants. However, there are other places in the city which are also worth seeing. One of the districts you are recommended to check out for nightlife activities is Acton, especially if you are staying there, there’s no need spending time and money and going to Soho, nice places can be found all around.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are various pubs which differ on themes, age of visitors and their ethnic background; in any case your destination is Acton High Street. For instance, there is a pub named Redback Tavern which is particularly popular for visitors from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, both the ones who live in the area and the ones who are just visiting the city. Belvedere pub is the one popular for Polish visitors, the factory workers and tourists. The St George and the Dragon pub is a more traditional English pub also offering rooms at affordable prices. Red Lion and Pineapple is a nice place to enjoy some beers while surfing the net as this place offers WiFi for its visitors.

If your nightlife preferences are more about moving, then you might be interested in checking out the Tune Inn bar and club in Acton. Offering both live bands and DJs Thursday to Saturday it’s a place where you can enjoy the rhythm. If you are a fan of pre and after-parties, don’t forget to buy your alcohol until 11 pm, since not many shops are open after that time, as well as set up the cleaners Acton for the next day to have some rest meanwhile. If some of your guests behave not really accurate in your property, you might also need to call carpet cleaning Acton to make sure your carpets are taken good care of. Hopefully for your next party destination you will consider Acton and discover much more cool places by yourself.


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