Monday, April 23, 2012

Big Interior Solutions for Small Spaces

Cramped living spaces are a fact of modern city life. Either brought about by real estate budget restrictions or simply the lack of living space in our metropolises, this is not a major problem though, you can still find a good interior solution to help you open up some more room around your place and give you an extra breath of spacious air. The number one priority is to choose the right furniture – modular and built in furniture pieces are a great way to save space and still have reasonable storage capacity.

It is possible that this type of furniture is actually easier to keep clean, this is important for those people that use regular professional cleaning Parkdale companies provide great regular cleaning with an eye for detail so nothing is missed. To achieve the illusion of extra space use streamlined furniture, add mirrors and glass panes to your interior designs. Indeed these are harder to keep clean but it's child's play for pro cleaners Parkdale is full of good companies to pick from for your special cleaning needs. In general, monochromatic and low strength colours usually add more space to rooms and open up hallways making them appear larger. In tech terms the lack of contrast is the trick here. In some instances, rooms can serve double purposes – the dining area can be included within the kitchen or combine guest room with living room. 

A lot of double purpose furniture is also available on the market like a coffee table that rises to eating height for example. Try and use padded chairs instead of full range sofas – that's right, they're not as comfortable but creating space is the aim of the game. Another golden rule is to avoid clutter with items and belongings. Get rid of junk mail making its way indoors, make your partner keep his home office materials, well, in the home office – this is a lounge room here. All in all it's the small things that make the big difference when striving for that extra bit of living space.


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