Friday, April 20, 2012

Organizing Your Cleaning

Cleaning the house is often time consuming, annoying and irritating. That is why having a cleaning schedule can significantly facilitate the process, especially if you have a dynamic lifestyle that is taking all of your free time. Here are some tips that can help you with your cleaning routines.

Before you begin crafting the cleaning schedule, make sure to tour the household so that you assess which areas need most attention. For example the kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in a house. Therefore you will need to spare more time on them than on the laundry room for instance. Clean the bathroom every day after you have taken your morning shower. This will keep the premise soap scum free and clean. Also wipe the sink, mirror and bathroom countertops after each teeth brushing. By doing those simple tasks that will invest no more than 10 minutes per day but you will be able to maintain a clean bathroom.

In the kitchen wipe clean the food preparation countertops and the oven after each cooking. When you are done eating, don’t let the dishes pile in the sink, wash them, and then clean the sink as well. Each morning empty your garbage bin, this way you will prevent any bad odors from occurring.

Vacuum and mop the carpet and flooring at least twice a week, for example every three days. While vacuuming, pick up any clutter. End the cleaning chores for the day by dusting the shelves and bookcases. Once a week wash your clothes and beddings, also once a month vacuum the furniture upholstery.

Hire local cleaning services at least twice a year to come and clean meticulously your household. For example if you reside in the Ascot Vale area, hire cleaners cleaners Ascot Vale based. If you don’t have their coordinates, you can get them from the cleaning Ascot Vale section in the local newspaper.


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