Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Clean a Lace Tablecloth

Lace tablecloths are great addition to every table. They give a specific , stylish, but in the same time really cozy appearance to the area where they are placed. However, over time lace material starts to loose its shine look. It will certainly needs a studious cleaning to bring the tablecloth original state. 

 Learn how to easily handle such chore from the following cleaners Colham Green tips on how to clean lace tablecloth: 

To begin fill the bottom of your bathtub with warm distilled water. You need only enough amount to cover your tablecloth when it is placed flat inside. Pour non-detergent cleaner into the water. The exact amount you should be using usually is pointed on the cleaner tag. 

Lay your lace tablecloth flat on a cotton bedsheets that is one idea larger than your item. Lower these two layers into the water until the bedsheets is flat on the bottom of the bathtub. 

Push the tablecloth with your hands in order to ensure it is fully saturated with the solution. Take a natural sponge and work on the lace surface until the entire tablecloth has been cleaned. 

After that take the bedsheets off the water by its edges. Gather the edges together to form a sling to help lift the tablecloth out of the tub. Allow as much water as possible to drain away while holding the sheet and tablecloth above the bathtub. 

Place the sheet and tablecloth combination out on a flat surface with the tablecloth on top. Carefully spread the lace tablecloth out so that there are no wrinkles and the tablecloth retains its original shape. Lay clean towels over the top of the tablecloth and pat the towels to absorb the moisture. Repeat that several times as needed to lift the majority of the excess liquid . Then remove the towels. 

To finish just let your lace item to fully dry before storing it in its usual place. That usually takes a few hours up to a day, depending on the size of the tablecloth as well as the thickness of the lace material.


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