Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shaker Style Kitchen

Shaker style kitchens incorporate timeless design with contemporary features into a versatile and personality reflective look that will stay fresh for years to come. One of the key design elements of the Shaker style kitchen is the modular cabinet pieces, they give you freedom to rearrange and fit them according to your needs or if you just want a new look for the kitchen without too much fuss. 

Such modular furniture is also easier to keep clean and maintain, dust and dirt accumulated in nooks and crannies beyond reach are a real pain to deal with say pro cleaners Hornsey domestic companies will be happy to do over your kitchen of course, regardless of the amount of dust to be wiped. Peg rails are another key design feature of the Shaker style kitchen, they are used to hang anything from aprons to cupboards. The modern Shaker kitchen look is achieved by mixing the classic Shaker look with things like granite bench tops and polished hardwood flooring. Strong colours like black, white or red can be used to emphasize certain areas of the kitchen or to consolidate the entire design look. Hi-gloss kitchen appliances are to be used in order to keep the modern look of the kitchen. 

Usually the floor layout of such kitchens is simple and streamlined, this gives ease of access when it’s time to clean and makes the chore much more bearable advise professional cleaners Hoxton based cleaners can give you hints and tips on optimizing your kitchen space so it’s a breeze to look after. Another variation is the wooden Shaker style kitchen, this is a more traditional look that makes good use of wooden cabinets finished in stains and lacquers in classic, natural shades. The wood of choice is cherry wood, maple or pine, these types can also be finished in darker colours in order to make them stand out from the rest of the kitchen interior. Light coloured cupboards contrast greatly against the wooden finish giving a classy and eye catching look. You may also consider also period and colourful Shaker style variations.


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