Friday, July 13, 2012

Common Reasons Buyers' Offers Are Rejected

A rejected offer could cause a buyer real problems. To avoid such disappointments and headaches, read about some common reasons purchase offers could be rejected.

• Low price offer. If the buyer offers too little money as a price for the property, the seller can feel insulted. He can even feel too angry and will reject the offer without responding at all. If the property has just come on the market, the seller might expect to find other buyers who can afford to pay more money.

• But very often, it is not the wrong price, it is the agent. If your agent doesn't show good manners with the clients, will be a real waste of time. Make sure the agent doesn't scream or raise voice in person or on the phone; forgets to say 'please' and 'thank you'; speaks with ultimatums; is too aggressive and pushy with the listing agent; doesn't display any professionalism. When a selling agent annoys the listing agent, it reflects on the buyer as well. Being polite and respectful works better. Never let the agent spoil your chances.

• As a buyer you didn't meet the seller's specific needs. Try to know from your selling agent about the specific needs and requirements of the seller. Include them into the offer. Increase the deposit if the seller wants a bigger money deposit. Offer a longer closing date if the seller needs a longer escrow. If you really like the home, but the seller isn't ready to make any repairs, offer to buy it as it is. 

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