Monday, September 3, 2012

Basics of The Clean Floors

A clean house needs a lot of efforts and time for maintenance. However, you can safely assume that the basics of the clean home begin with clean floors. No one wiles dust, hair, debris and pet hair rolling in all the rooms. 

According to Cleaning Tottenham, there are a few basics of the clean floors that each home owner should try to apply in his/ her home, in order to keep the floors nice and tidy: 

1. No matter if you live with room-mates, or you have a small or large family, you should implement the “Clean-Shoes Rule”: Everyone have to scrub the dirt, soil, and debris off their shoes, before entering the dwelling. Once you manage to get that under control, you will instantly notice that the floor “pollution” will decrease signi8ficantly. 

2. Welcome mats are also a great helper in the battle against dirty floors. If you place them strategically in front of every exit door, including the one leading to the garage, they will stop most of the dust and debris that have stuck to the soils of the shoes from penetrating the defenses of your home – remind cleaners Tolworth

3. Wearing slippers at home might seem rather exotic, and unacceptable for some people, but taking off your shoes while at home is not only comfortable, it will help you protect your floors. Keep in mind that dirt, dust, sand, and debris will not only pollute your home, they can also damage the flooring surface, especially hardwood and laminate.


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