Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How the Dirty Air Ducts at Home Could Affect Your Life

Keeping the home place clean should be the number one task for everyone. Unfortunately in the real life, that is not exactly the case. A lot of people fail to maintain clean homes, some of them don't have the time required, others simply don't have the desire.
However neither one of those is good enough excuse for not cleaning something, especially with all the cleaning services in Prahran and the area, that a person could take advantage of.

Something about those air ducts...

How the air dirty ducts could really affect our life? Well the air ducts are the lungs of the house, metaphorically said. In time they get clogged with dust and their main function is being reduced. Plus a filled with dust duct affects the quality of the air inside the house and if we think about it, we spend a lot of time at home, exposed to that kind of pollution and that is not exactly something healthy.

So what's the solution then

The air ducts can be cleaned by a professionals. The professional cleaning of ducts Melbourne has on offer is one service provided by professional cleaners that could help. But if you have more spare time to waste or you simply like to get it done all by yourself, you can follow the instructions here. For starters you will need some of these

  • Protective goggles
  • screwdriver
  • vacuum cleaner
  • gloves
  • ladder

Start by clearing up the area beneath the duct. If there are pieces of furniture, that are too heavy to move simply find some old sheets and cover them up. Now you may need ladder in order to reach the duct, in such case place it a little bit away from the duct not exactly beneath it. It's a good idea to have someone to hold the ladder while you climb up and clean.

With the screwdriver carefully unwind the screws and watch out not to lose them. Remove the cover and if it's possible take it to the bathroom and rinse it in the shower. Next take the vacuum cleaner and stick the hose inside the duct, try to get as much dust as possible. After you are done and the the panel is washed and dry, it's time to reassemble everything back.

Depending on the number of ducts you have to clean this could be very time-consuming task. The good part is that the ducts don't have to be cleaned very often. Most of the people clean there when it comes time for spring cleaning.


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