Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

You can be sure that a carpet at home will change everything. For instance, did you know that carpets in cooler colours are very appropriate for summer houses or if you want to make the room look bigger, while warmer colours make it feel cozier. Still, though, the carpet is only pretty and fluffy when it is clean. Here comes the usual question: “How often should I clean my carpet?” 

Well, it depends on you! How often do you WANT to clean it? It is as simple as that! Don't get that surprised! You can clean your carpet as often as you wish, however here is the catch – before you buy the carpet you have to choose it very very wisely! Listen, carefully, cause this is important. There are different types of carpets for different areas in your home. 

Cut carpets

These particular carpets are great for low traffic areas. Since their fabrics attract dust and other particles if you place them in a high traffic area you will have to clean them very often as they will look dirty almost all the time. Place cut carpets in your bedroom, guest room, etc.

Loop Carpets

On the other hand, with loop carpets you won't have the same problem, as they don't attract that much dirt and hair and do not wear that easily. 

In addition to these two points, always make sure you read carefully before making a purchase and make sure you buy a carpet that is stain resistant, easier to wash and its durability is tested. Maybe it doesn't make much sense right now, but when you bring it home and it quickly starts to get dirty you will see that where you place it makes a huge difference. Similarly, don't expect to have much success with a white carpet in a house full of children. Be realistic and wise and you will see that vacuum cleaning once or twice a week is all your carpet needs.


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