Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fine Dining on Airports ?!

True, it does sound a bit odd, and rather hard to find but there are still some airports around the world which can make a hungry, tired traveller welcome and serve them some top level meals.
As expected, the recent years of economic hardship and other negative trends seen in the airline industry have played a major role in the decline of quality eating and drinking establishments on airports. Nowadays, chances are you will see the whole rainbow of fast food joints and an endless row of coffee and doughnut shops lining the sides of the airport, but nothing that is really worth your time and money.

 If you are looking for some good grub at the airport, then remember the next few cities and indulge yourself the next time you make a touch down there. First up, the pearl of the orient Hong Kong, the HK international airport is impressive to look at but one can also be impressed by the kiosks full of delicious local cuisine, there is much to choose from, it is quality and genuine food that will surely power you up for the next leg of your journey. If you happen to have a few hours to kill at Los Angeles International known as LAX, then don’t go past the Encounter restaurant, this lovely food joint welcomes travelers with fresh California produce and delicious seafood meals. London’s Heathrow is next, there one can eat at the only airport restaurant established by the man himself Gordon Ramsey, the menu is abundant and very British, definitely worth your time and money. 

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