Monday, November 26, 2012

Best Green Decorating Ideas

I love the idea of living the green way. I clean the green way, even try to eat the green way, so why not decorate the green way?

The end of lease cleaning services Melbourne team of experts know how important is to decorate for this beautiful family holiday. In this article, (with a bit of help) I will share with you the best green decorating ideas. They will save you some money and will help you living eco-friendly.

Green Entrance

The entrance is the first thing that your guests, your new neighbours and you will see. Make a wooden floral pick and use twine to knot ornaments. Use a bow-tied satin ribbon to finish the decoration.


Decorate your tree and make it sparkle. How? The professional cleaners advise you to use a mixture of water and glue and then add some glitter. Gold, silver – your choice! Sparkling is always a good choice and will do your home a warmer place.


Use some empty bottles for candle-holders. Add silvery wrapping paper and green or gold ribbons. Actually the colours are your choice, so you can decide how you want them too look like.

Use Water

Water is an easy way to decorate your home and to make something more creative and unique. Use clear vases or old bottles, fill them with water and add a few drops of food colouring. The end of lease cleaning services Melbourne experts recommend that you should line the bottles in a row and decorate with floating candles. This is a fascinating idea and it looks really beautiful. And you are done!


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