Saturday, December 1, 2012

How To Get Your Security Deposit Back?

No doubt that moving to a new place is thrilling and exciting. You just can't wait to put all your stuff on the van and get out of your old place. You need that fresh start badly. But don't be that fast. When you are renting, you have to put a little fortune upfront as a deposit and believe me, if want it back, you have to leave the place spotless clean. Something small like a dirty microwave can cost you a sizable chunk of your deposit.
That's why to get your deposit in full, make every effort to clean the place before you move out. If it's only surface dirt, but no damages, you have to deal with, you can be ready in less than a day. Follow through the checklist below to make sure you don't miss a spot. It can cost you dear. Those landlords are not kidding around. They are quite serious.

Walls and Lights
  • Start with cleaning the walls. If there are too many prints, dirt and scuff marks, consider painting. It won't cost much and you can be done in two days max.
  • If you have smoked inside, make sure that your landlord doesn't notice it. Use deodorizers and air fresheners to eliminate the smoke smell.
  • Now move to the windows. Inside and out. Leave them shining. Also you can wash the curtains and clean the blinds.
  • Change light bulbs and fixtures if not working. You don't want to be charged fifty pounds for a light bulb, right?

  • Scrub toilet, sink and bath tub. Leave them as white as milk.
  • Change that old shower curtain and add a new mat.
  • Clear out drawers and clean inside. Wash the front, too.
  • Clean the mirror. Don't leave smudges
  • Vacuum the floor before mopping it.

  • Move and clean behind fridge, oven and washing machine. Then clean the oven and fridge inside and out. Make them look like new.
  • Clear out all cabinets, drawers, etc. Clean them and don't forget to wipe them on the outside, too.
  • Clean and disinfect countertops.
  • Vacuum floors and mop.

  • Wipe out and clean doors
  • Dust around
  • Make sure that outside is clean, too.
  • If your flat is carpeted, then it is good to call a professional service to steam clean it. It will leave fresh smell in the flat and your carpets much cleaner.
  • Before you go, double check!


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