Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Different Types Of Carpets - Part 3

If you're looking for a new carpet and don't know how to choose from the many different kinds, this is your answer. In these series of articles I have tried to describe some of the most popular fabrics used in the manufacturing of carpets. Each of the mentioned materials has it's own specific qualities, advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the place you want to place your carpet you can choose from wool, silk, bamboo and coir. For more information check the other posts from "Part 1" and "Part 2"

All of the above are natural fibers and I personally recommend you choose one of them. Although they are quite expensive, I can assure you they're worth every penny. In this post I'm going to describe two more options – jute and synthetic. Both of them are way cheaper in comparison to the mentioned above.


Jute belongs to Sparrmanniaceae family. It is a grass like plant, that produces long and shiny fiber. Jute is the second most affordable natural fibers in the world surpassed only be cotton. The variety of uses and amounts produced are great. The fibers are made from cellulose and lignin, making it part textile part wood. Jude comes in two colours – white and tossa. For clothing and carpet manufacturing tossa jute is used, because it is softer and stronger, in comparison to white jute.

It is a hundred percent bio-degradable, therefore Eco-friendly. It is called the golden fiber, because of it's colour and silky shine. Jute blends very well with other natural and synthetic fibers and can be dyed. The main disadvantages, jute is brittle and not durable, therefore if you buy such carpet place it in low traffic area. Also don't expose it to direct sunlight. This will result in shedding and yellowing. There are of course special protecting products you can use in order to preserve it.

Avoid wetting jute, because you'll ruin it and bacteria may develop, not to mention mold. We already mentioned it is Eco-friendly and just like all the other anti-static. Jute has good isolating qualities, therefor your feet will stay warm. Maintaining a jute carpet is easy, regular vacuuming is in order and if any stains occur, use clean cloth to soak the liquid.

If there is a stain you can use soap water, but not too much and make sure you dry the area. If you want to preserve your jute carpet longer make sure it receives professional care at least twice a year. There are many carpet cleaning companies in Wandsworth, London, offering great services. It seems I have to make another post for my last and least favorite material.


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