Monday, February 4, 2013

Cleaning Cowhide and Shag Rugs

Both are not very popular, because they require special attention and maintenance, but having them at home is a perfect finish to the interior. In order to enjoy them you'll have to spend some time every week for regular maintenance. If a stain occurs make sure to treat it right away, otherwise you risk having a permanent spot on your rug. There are synthetic options, but I personally recommend you go for the natural ones.

Cowhide Rugs

If you want something that will last, buy a cowhide rug, it is very durable and a great addition to your home. Placing it in center position in the living-room or hanging it on the wall. This types of rugs come in various patterns and sizes. Moreover cowhide is naturally stain resistant and can be cleaned quite easy. It has a warm natural gloss, which makes your home a more relaxing place. There are two ways when it comes to regular maintenance.
You can vacuum or shake your cowhide rug, in the first case use a soft brush and in the second do not use a beater, because you can damage it. When it comes to dealing with spills you'll need to soak it up with a towel or kitchen paper. Proceed with a mild detergent, rubbing in the direction of the hairs and finish with a solution of vinegar and water. Dealing with solid stains is quite the same, first you'll have to scrape out the excess with a spoon a knife, but careful not to damage the rug.

Shag Rugs

The biggest advantage of having shag rug, it is a very good sound isolator. Moreover it is soft and brings warmth to your home. These mats come in many colours so you can find the right one that matches your interior. It is perfect if you have a small child, because some piles are over 2 inches and you won't worry if your beloved falls. Shag rugs are quite easy to maintain and can be dry cleaned and if you have one that has wool you won't worry about dust, due to its repelling qualities.
If you have a thick, long shag rug it is a good idea to use a rake in order to maintain its form and softness. Do not use any attachments when vacuuming, because they may damage the fibers, loosening the yarn twists. When you're dealing with stains, do not over wet or over shampoo the area, otherwise you'll end up with a moldy rug. Use light cleaning solution and damp towel for rinsing, and be sure there is no sticky residue. If you can't handle on your own contact a professional carpet cleaning company.


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