Friday, March 1, 2013

Professional Window Cleaning

 These days, when we all have the western civilisation as an example of what the society should look like, many countries start to create architecture that looks like the one seen in NYC. The skyscrapers, the huge buildings and the amazing glass and steel structures are what every modern city wants to have and invests in. Of course, the reason for this kind of look is a bit deeper than the Hollywood movies' inspiration. It is truth that the central parts of the cities these days are extremely crowded and  on top of that, more and more people move to these place every single day. Because of that, the big companies want to have offices there but, obviously, building in the centre of London is not the easiest thing in the world. Just a few are chosen and can actually afford that luxe to build in the centre of London or Moscow and these few want to make more money out of their investment, so they build big. These tall, glass structures however, are the face, the display of the city and they must look good, so a lot of window cleaning is needed. 

Today, i will try to present to you some ways of window cleaning, used by the professionals and the problems that the different methods have. 

Using cranes is a common way of work, which is popular because of the great heights that the method allows to be reached. However, the main problem here, are the winds. The cradles used by the cleaners are heavy and therefore hard to swing but once that happen, the effect can be really bad. There are many cases of broken glasses because of the strong winds. So, these cradles should be used only when the weather allows and when it is possible for the cables to be shorter. Burj Khalifa, for example uses different platforms from which the cradle hangs out. This way, the cables are never too long and the chances for broken by the swinging cradle windows are much lower.

If the height doesn't allow such platforms to be used, then the people should go out and clean. These guys are usually professional climbers who are not afraid of heights and are trained enough to be able to react properly and adequately in different complicated situations. 
Another interesting aspect of the window cleaning at that height is the height itself. Dropping anything from here can be a problem and a serious one. What is more important though, objects dropped from such heights can be extremely dangerous for the people beneath. Even a rubber blade can hurt someone just passing by the building and having no clue about the people hanging 500 metres over. 
This is why, professional cleaners like the one from Chelsea are often picked to do the job instead of ordinary domestic cleaners or the cleaning lady from the company. 

Now, hopefully, you know how hard and dangerous the window cleaning job is these days and next time when you see a guy hanging out of the windows of the office, you will show some appreciation to the job and will try at least not to disturb him, if not helping him.


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