Thursday, February 14, 2013

Top St. Valentine's Day Cleaning Tips

Today is a day like many others but not if you love someone. If you are in love, if there are butterflies in you stomach created only because you think and talk for someone, this is a sign that the 14th of February is not "just another day" but much more for you. It is a celebration, a holiday like no other and the perfect time to show the immense care and feelings that you have for the person next to you. Nice dinners, candles, wine, aroma candles, gifts - all these can be expected on the 14th but they also can be completely spoiled if the place where your meeting will be is dirty. Because of that, make sure to have it perfectly settled for the person you really consider close. Welcome him/her not only in love environment but clean too. 
In order to do so, here are the top St. Valentine's cleaning tips.  

          1. The smell of the place must be perfect. The whole idea is to feel the sensual and delightful aroma of the candles without being distracted by any other smell. In order to do so, the cleaning solutions you are about to use should have no aroma whatsoever. The ways not to spoil it all by cleaning with "the latest cleaning solution" are few:

-Cleaning with normal cleaning solution but deodorising after that.
-Using a green cleaning solution or dry cleaning which has no smell.
- Absorbing the aroma with some simple baking soda. 
- Cleaning with a steam cleaner.

All of these are good and all of them can deliver the quality so essential for the perfect night that you and your beloved should have today.
2. Clean sheets and bed, of course. You may though that we are not going for this one, but it is inevitable. The clean sheets are important and they can literally ruin it all. If not tonight, definitely in the morning, so make sure that a new pair of them is placed. 
3. Carpets - they must be as clean and most importantly as soft as possible. Well, you never know what is going to happen, so the best secure all the possible situations. Using fibre softener is a must here. The down side is that they are usually hardly aromatised and this brings us to the previous problem. In order to have it all done properly, you may need to consult with professionals. Some people like these  can provide the whole range of solutions needed, so hiring them or any other company may be just the perfect solution for the case. On top of that, this is the way to be sure that you will have enough time to secure the dinner, the design of the whole place etc. 

4. Cleaning of the pictures in the house is needed too. This article gives some tips on the proper ways to do so!
However, my personal advice is to free your mind a bit and do such things like the one today, more often. You will see that making a great dinner and having a cosy dinner with nice wine and romantic music combined with the soft and gentle aroma of candles is something not only 14th of February deserves but every day if your love is big. Know that making the simple days holidays can be even better than waiting for one specific date in particular. 

So, make sure that all of your fantasies will become a reality - design, wine, food etc. and have an unforgettable night with the person you really love. 
Happy Saint Valentine Everyone! 


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