Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top Tips for BBQ Cleaning

It is almost summer now and it is time for us to go in the country side and have a little break from everything around us. The noisy cities, the neighbours, the pollution etc. However, the perfect weekend usually involves a nice barbecue, beer and sun. But can we really have all that simply and easy. We need to clean the old tools and prepare everything for the weekend.
Therefore, here are some tips on how to deal with the grease and the dirt on the barbecue! 

  • Unpack the barbecue and let it soak for a while. A simple solution of soap and water, warm enough for the grease to loose would be perfect. Get a sponge and damp it well and use it for the cleaning. Make sure that the whole barbecue is well covered and let it stay that way for an hour. The solution should be watery enough, so that it'll be able to reach deeper.
In order not to make a mess in your home, go out on the street or on the yard and perform the cleaning there. You can also remove the tub from beneath which should help you to reach down easier and faster.
Once well soaked, the grease will be much easier to remove. Grab a wired brush, apply some strength too and clean both sides of the grill. Your goal is to see a shiny metal so clean it until that very moment.
Rinse with water all of the solution from the barbecue. At this stage you should really try not to wet the electronics and if you do, this may be the last time you need to take a similar care for your barbecue, unfortunately.
The tub needs similar cleaning. Fill it with solution, wait it to loose the dirt and clean with wired brush and hot water. At the end of the day you simply need to turn the barbecue on and wait for it to burn all of the residues on it. After just 15 minutes you will have your grill completely ready to use.
Tips: The main cleaning should be done once or twice a year but every time, before usage you can check the condition of the grill and perform a small cleaning.
  1.  Turn the barbecue on and close the bonnet.
  2.  Wait for it to get hot and clean with a wired brush without removing the tub underneath. This is where all the grease will go. (in order not to damage the barbecue, use the manufacturer's instruction on cleaning and maintenance).
  3.  If you are using charcoal, put them on aluminium foil and remove the foil after usage. This will make it all easier.
  4. The metal parts of the barbecue need to be cleaned on a weekly basis in order for any food to be removed.
If your barbecue uses propane or gas, disconnect the tank, remove the grill and the burning tubes by disconnecting them gently from the electricity network, clean with warm water and dish washing solution and reassemble.
Tip: check the burning tubes and the grill for cracked and their overall condition. If there is something worrying, do not clean, replace the part.
According to most bbq cleaners in London the stainless steel of the bbq can be cleaned easy with oil and special detergent. Once all that done, simply replace the cover of the bbq.
Remember to clean the bbq after each usage and this will keep its condition great.
So, with these tips, your bbq will keep it look for longer.


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