Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earthquake Survival Tips

The Iran Earthquake from several hours ago is a major disaster that shows how vulnerable we are and how strong the mother nature is. It is a small glimpse of the great power of Gaia ( the God of earth ) and the very little that we can do against it. According to the latest news there are thousands of casualties. The earthquake was so strong that the people in Delhi in India also felt it. There are no news for huge waves or threats of tsunami for the Arab peninsula, yet. This is the second big earthquake in Iran for the last week but the one from yesterday was much stronger and powerful.

So, is there something we need to know in order to be safer in such situations?
Most of us live in places with shelves on the walls and a lot of furniture which in such situation may appear to be dangerous. In order to improve our safety we need to clean the place.

Here is the cleaning safety kit for earthquakes.

  • Remove the pictures from the walls.


Usually, these have wooden frames and glass fronts. If they fall on us the damages may be multiple – hits from the frame and cuts from the glass. The way to secure them is to make sure that the frame is made of wood that is as light as possible. The materials that can be used are many so the thin moment is to pick one of them. 

The glass for the picture should be picked following the safety measure too. It should not be too thick or fragile. It must be light so even if it falls on us, no serious damages will be done.
The pictures on the wall must be well fixed. A single nail will be enough only if you see that the picture is not falling even after a serious pull (test the strength of the nails this way).
  • All the heavy objects from the shelves must be removed. This is not only due earthquakes but also for your daily safety. The less things are hanging over you, the better and safer it is.
  •  Clean the stairs
Many people in blocks are having their junk on the stairs. This is not only wrong because it is ugly but also in situations like earthquakes when it is recommended to use the stairs but not the lifts, they may become a reason for a disaster. So, clean your stairs and floors. Make sure that there is nothing that makes the escape of the building hard. 

  • How to clean for safety? 

The best thing is to start looking around your room. The chandelier must be well fixed, the heavy objects removed from the walls and the shelves. All the vases and fragile things could be a potential danger, so make sure that if they fall, this won't hurt you.
Reorder your home in a way that allows easy enter and exit to it. This should improve safety a lot too. 

  • How to do all that fast? 

Make a small schedule about the cleaning in time and see if there are things that you do not need. Throw them away or give them to the poor people. They surely will appreciate it. 

Hire professional cleaners for the deep cleaning procedure. They have the knowledge and the skills to do a great job for you very fast and on a fraction of the money that you will need. If you tell them that you have heavy, big objects that you want to get rid of, they will come with a lorry and will remove them for you. At the end of the day, after the cleaning, you will have a home that looks, feels cleaner and is much safer in earthquakes. 

I also want to mention that we have to pray for such things not to happen because of the little that we can do in order to prevent it. Even the best cleaners or the most secured building are not 100% securing us with safety. So, do everything that you can in order to have the place safer and pray for earthquakes not to happen.


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