Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Create a Safe Nursery For Your Newborn

The most important aspect of a nursery should be the safety of the newborn. This is why we have decided to compile some essential tips which will aid you create the safest nursery for your sweet child. 

Furniture placement
The arrangement of the furniture should begin with the selection of the proper position for the crib. The crib should be placed away from windows and doors, heating and cooling systems, electrical objects and outlets. 

Windows and doors
Make sure that your window treatments are safe by hanging them high enough so that the baby cannot reach them and pull them down by accident. If you are placing blinds make sure that the blinds are with removals cords. This will prevent your baby for getting tangled in them. All windows and the door itself should have locking mechanisms which only you can activate. This way you will eliminate the risk of your baby falling down from the window or getting his fingers pinched. 

Electrical outlets
All electrical outlets should be covered with protective caps that have childproof locks. Also try to cover as many electrical outlets as you can with various pieces of furniture such as a changing table, a dresser, a rocker and etc. 

A soft and long fiber wall to wall carpet should be placed in the nursery. This will kept your child safe in case it falls. However not all carpets are good for nurseries as some are made of materials which provide harbor to numerous harmful particles which can get easily airborne and therefore create an unhealthy indoor environment. This is why you must choose an anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial carpet which doesn’t allow the accumulation of harmful particles. The carpet in the nursery should be vacuumed every couple of days and once a week it should be cleaned with carpet cleaning machines. By using carpet cleaning machines you will conduct a deeper cleaning.


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