Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Clean Like a Pro! - Cleaning Tips Right From The Professionals

Professional cleaning is becoming more and more popular in Australia every single day and there is a reason why. People not only prefer to spend a day free from work and domestic chores and come back to a perfectly clean house. Some share that what they really like about expert cleaning services is the professionalism with which their homes are being cleaned.

Put cleaning like a professional could not be that hard, right? Even Though cleaning services are not expensive at all, some people prefer to rely on their own skills and work for the cleaning of their homes. This is why we collected these amazing cleaning tips for you.

Let's see how to solve domestic cleaning problems like a professional!

One thing professionals have and you don't are specialized cleaning solutions. But here are the news, expert cleaners today rely more than ever to natural cleaning products for handling almost any cleaning situation. Expert cleaners from Mitcham shared with us some amazing recipes for homemade cleaners which you probably haven't heard of or just haven't recalled to use when doing your home cleaning chores.

The Universal Recipe:

You'll need:

  1. baking soda
  2. white distilled vinegar
  3. lemon juice
All of these products are extremely cheap and are widely used in cooking so you might even have them at home already. Not only that they can save you some extra money, but they can surely save you a lot of time. They are amazing cleaners and this is why people prefer it. Baking soda has many uses in duct cleaning, drains unclogging, loosening mineral buildups in the bathroom, removing stubborn stains out of the carpet and many more. It has an abrasive effect and it shouldn't be used on surfaces which can be bruised easily.

For cleaning such surfaces, cleaners in Mitcham and the area, recommend that you use only a solution of vinegar and lemon juice. Mix them together with some warm water to create an great cleaner which works almost miraculously on any stain. Vinegar is an amazing deodorized and can be used widely in the home cleaning as a stale smell remover and many more. Sprinkle some of it in the fridge to get rid of the bad odor, use it on your carpets and rugs for killing bad cigarette smell or deodorize your kitchen after cooking food with distinctive smell, like fish, for example.

And a quick note:

No matter what kind of detergent you use, always put on gloves and if needed, wear safety goggles. Some commercial cleaners may contain unpleasant or unhealthy ingredients which you should always avoid!


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