Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Closet Troubles - Problem Solved

In this second part of my closet cleaning and organizing tips I will show you the basics of closet organisation which you can easily apply in your home renovation and organisation, too. Now, that you've sorted out which are the things you are going to keep and which are better to be thrown away, you have to turn your attention to a different stage of the closet organisation prices . Let's have a closer look at what you decided to keep in the closet. Are your formal dresses a part of the "Keep it" list, or the boxes of shoes you rarely wear. Priorities your belongings and sort them in categories, convenient for your lifestyle and needs.

Rearranging and utilizing space.

Obviously, one of our main purposes regarding closet organisation it to utilize the space as much as possible to deliver better experience and use of the items stored in it. In other words, if your closet is clean and well-organised you will find your things more easily and will have a better idea of what you keep in it actually. Because, let's face it, most of us don't have the slightest idea what God-forgotten items, clothes, jewelry and even souvenirs we have stored in the deep debris of our closet. So, how to better organised your things in a limited space. First of all, what experts in organizing and home cleaning recommend is organizing our belonging in three categories and choosing a different part of your closet for each one of them.

Problem with boxes sorted out.

The less space-occupying way to sort your belongings is to put them in boxes. But here comes the hard part - how could you know what you've put in them once you've finished your closet organisation. People forget, and this is absolutely normal. That's why experts in organizing and cleaning in Deer Park have shared with us a really smart way to have a better look at what's in the boxes even without opening them.Use a Polaroid camera and take a picture of the things stored in the boxed. Stick the a photo to each box and you will never have to rearrange and open all the boxed to find that one specific thing you are looking for.

Last tips and recommendations.

I know you are going to be happy with what you accomplished in organizing the closet, if  you've put some effort and passion in it and you would probably want to personalize this space even more, but here is the deal. Professionals in cleaning and organizing say, "No!". Over-stuffing it with decoration, plastic flowers, curtains or simply anything else different from the boxes will only result in cluttering your closet once again. Don't get over-excited with the organisation and let yourself ruin what you've done by putting souvenirs, statues or glass snowballs on the still unoccupied shelves in your closet because there are already a lot of items taking space there.


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