Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oven Cleaning For Professionals

Ever tried to clean an oven with only a scrubbing sponge and a normal grease removing detergent?

Well, if you haven't, I have to tell you it is pretty hard. Burnt food and grease build-ups can make cleaning a real Hell. That's why one of the hardest places to clean in a house is considered to be the oven.

Here is what professional cleaning companies shared with us to help oven cleaning become a less annoying and time consuming chore.

Some tips:

  • Most modern ovens have a self-cleaning option which is really useful. Whenever you want to clean your oven, you can set it to the self-cleaning option. The oven will heat to a very high degree letting the burnt food and grease to loosen and even melt. Leave the oven to cool down for a while and carefully remove the loosen food leftovers.
  • Avoid using commercial cleaning products. They may work miraculously on the stains, but they have negative effects, too. When they evaporate, they create poisonous fumes and might leave unpleasant smell or even taste on your food.
  • Professional cleaners from Mitcham recommend that you clean your oven with natural cleaning products. They are amazing cleaners and are perfectly harmless for both human and animals. You need to pay special attention to the use of eco-friendly cleaners especially if you have children at home. We all know how curious they are and how well they get into trouble.
  • Always remember to wear protective gloves and place your safety and health of first place. Open the windows wide and let fresh air in whenever you are using harsh chemical cleaners.

Grease removal methods worth a try:

A great way to remove the grease build-ups is to make a solution of baking soda and lemon juice in a 75:25 ratio and add a bit of warm water to it to create a paste-like solution. It is capable of dissolving oily stains and loosening grime, so it is a great cleaning solution to make at home. Moreover, it will cost you nothing because these products are extremely cheap and can be found in almost every store.


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