Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning a kitchen in both an efficient and effective manner is harder than the average person might think. This article will describe the basic principles and methods of achieving a high quality kitchen clean.

  • The first basic principle is prevention. If you prevent your kitchen from becoming unorganised and untidy you will not have to spend so much time cleaning it. There are various methods to ensure you accomplish this. Clean up accidental spillages of beverages and food straight away. Also, there is a high likelihood that you do not utilise even half of your full set of cutlery week, therefore it is a good idea to store these unused utensils to give yourself more room.
In addition, clean your grill after use, especially after a meal like cheese on toast which will leave melted cheese in your oven. Washing up your plates as soon as you have finished using them will save you a lot of time in the long run and will stop you having to do one giant washing up session. Furthermore, once every fortnight is recommended that you remove all the food you have stored in your refrigerator and clean the interior thoroughly utilising commercial cleaning products or soapy water.
  • When cleaning your microwave it is recommended that either use a specialised commercial cleaning product or you can use a different method in which you mix together two Tbsp. of vinegar and two cups of water in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on the highest setting for two minutes, the fumes this mixture produces will make for a much easier clean. Use kitchen towels to wipe it away after use.
  • Drains tend to become clogged up rather easily. One solution for this is to pour boiling water down them. Alternatively, you could utilise a commercial cleaning product, but be sure to stick to their specific instructions so you do not harm yourself.
  • To clean burned food of kitchen equipment such as pots and pans, boil soapy water and pour it into the product and leave it to cool. The food can then be removed with ease. Alternatively, when hot food burns onto the base of your oven you can use salt to reduce the amount of smoke produced and then clean away the debris once the oven has been cooled. If you find you cannot clean your oven in an effective way you can use a professional service such as oven cleaners london.
To conclude, having a sterile and organised kitchen is very beneficial to you and the other members of your household and it stops potential exposure to harmful bacteria. It increases the efficiency of tasks such as cooking and baking, making these activities more enjoyable. 
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