Friday, June 7, 2013

Santa? Can I have a Slip-a for Christmas?

It's fairly early to be asking for Christmas presents, I know, but I have this small obsession with something very simple, which I'm not sure whether it makes mad or a brainwashed consumer. If you're wondering what has me so excited, I'll tell you. No need to twist my arm into doing it. I'm talking about the Slip-a Designs, which is perhaps the funniest product name (and in a good way, I just love saying it outloud) and is meant to change the way you manage your household in a very positive way. 

The slip-a design is meant to serve as a second welcome matt where you take off your shoes or place your scooter and through draw strings pull the matt around the offending item and trap it inside. It looks like the baby version of a trap Fred would devise in an episode of Scooby Doo, but the idea is to keep all the possible dirt and mud trapped inside the slip-a. This pretty much means that you won't need to do much floor swiping and washing, because no one will ever, ever leave dirty footprints behind. Well, if you have the right amount of slip-as anyway.

Are you interested? I know I will be buying. For a good retailer, you can visit MiniWardrobe.


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