Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Clean While Your Guests Are Still in Your Home

 It's not uncommon to see our home becoming a real mess while pour guest are still having a great time around. It is not the best feeling in the world to apologize and mask everything. The reasons for the mess can be different. We may forget the meal in the oven, the kids may turn a vase or their soup, the dog may get on the table. All of these will require fast and accurate reactions from you in order to deal with the problem as fast as possible. The other major goal most housewives have in such situation is to make the guests feel comfortable during the solvating of the problem.

So, how to clean around the house fast, quite and accurate enough to make it all look good and not spoil the good time of the guests? Is that possible at all?

Actually, it is. The carpet cleaning machines and techniques available today are strong, quite and green enough to be used in all kinds of different situations.

  • Let's imagine there is ketchup on the carpet. The first to do is make sure your guests' attention is somewhere else. Ask someone from your family to keep them occupied. Play a nice song, start a conversation, invite them to another room where they can see something else. Anything that pops up into your minds should be enough to supply you with enough time to clean properly.
  • Once your guests are interested in something else, different from the stain you are about to clean, act as fast as possible. Blot it all with paper towels. Do not scrub because that will make the substance reach deeper into the fabric of the carpet. According to some professional carpet cleaners from Bloomsbury the stains should be cleaned from outside in and very carefully. Then treated with a cleaning solution and well rinsed after it. The drying is maybe the most complicated part of it all. Grab a hair drier or a professional air moving machine (which I doubt you have) and treat the stain for about two to three minutes. The final result will probably not be perfect but it will be satisfying and much better than what it was before the cleaning.

Once your guests are gone you may hire professional carpet cleaners. Choosing a cleaning company is not complicated so pick the one you like most and ask them to treat the spot again. Make sure they clean it properly and then apply a stain protection on it. This should secure you from similar situations later on.

So, it's possible to clean while your guests are still in the house and with some neat tricks, you will have any spot cleaned fast and properly.


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