Monday, November 4, 2013

Make Your Roomates to Clean

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It's a delicate issue the tenancy cleaning. Life with other people can be complicated sometimes. We must balance between good relations and strict rules. Imagine the situation when you want to be positive with the rest room-mates but they simply refuse to keep proper hygiene. How to change the current situation without them becoming offended?

Become crafty!

Trick them to clean themselves. You can do it in several ways:
One is to leave the whole house extremely dirty. Just leave everything on them. Don't clean for days, even weeks. Of course, you should deal with your dishes, the cleanness of your room etc. but common areas should be left dirty. Hopefully this will push the rest of the people in the house to reconsider their attitude towards cleaning.

If that doesn't help, you have very little options. You may try to give them a personal example. Clean the whole house alone and make sure to be seen by them. Emphasis on how hard and how complex the cleaning was. Try to make them feel uncomfortable.

Ask for help
While cleaning and dusting, knock on the door of the room-mates and ask for help. Hopefully this will ring a bell for them. The idea is for them to feel the need to clean.

  • If non of these actions helps, discuss it. Prove your point and see if they accept it and if they're ready to take actions.

  • Make a scandal. It may sound too extreme but while you try all of the other measures there will be at least a month or two gone. For all that time the change should be visible and if not then extreme measures are a must.

  • The final measure is to make them pay – literally. Hire professionals for the cleaning. Leave them deal with the whole mess and pay equally for the service. Once they pay money for something as simple as cleaning, they will surely participate more often in the cleaning procedures. If not, if they prefer hiring professional carpet cleaners like these for the job, this suits you too. The house will be clean and cheap.

So, with these simple tips you should be able to achieve a better look for your home and to transform your lazy and dirt loving room-mates into cleaning geeks.


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